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International workcamps 2001 programme

Summer workcamps in France

Tittle : The big orchard
Location : Nans sous Sainte Anne, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France
Dates :
8-28 July 2001 (21 days)
Type : path, biodiversity
Age : + 18 ans

Description : During summer a lot of people visit the springs of The Lison river. The municipality of Nans sous Sainte Anne wishes to welcome in the centre of their village the visitors passing through for the springs, situated at two kilometers from the village.

Sight of grotte Sarrazine Nans-sous-Sainte Anne (47 Ko) near the workcamp

The development of a large orchard of five hectares on the Lison bank offers walking, relaxation and exploration opportunities. Only small changes will be carried out in order to respect the large flower diversity (more than 100 species are already listed).

Work : Continuing the changes carried out by the volunteers in 2000 : realization of a path and wooden footbridges to provide acces to the banks of the Lison, light clearing out of the ditches and ligth cutting of brushwood to favour the existing diversity of the flora.

Project of activities : Exploration of interesting settings in the Lison valley, flower inventories, to think of and create little "extraordinary gardens" on the site of the Big Orchard together with the local poeple...

Accommodation : house

Title : Fortress of Bregille
Location : Besançon, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France
Date :
08 - 28 July 2001 (21 days)
Type : architectural heritage
Age : + 18 years old

Description : After six years of summer workcamps at the Fortress of Besançon the volunteers will continue the experience of removing vegetation at the Fortress of Bregille. Climbing technics will be used to carry out the work. The Fortress of Bregille is situated on one of the 7 hills around the city of Besançon.

Work : Every volunteer will get an introduction in climbing technics during the first day of the workcamp. The volunteers will cut trees and shrubs, will treat stumps and will clean the walls of 10 to 12 metres high. Also little stonework will be carried out to strenghten things.

Cultural activities : Exploring the architectural heritage of Besançon and the region.

Accommodation : tent

Title : Ironworks' island of Pesmes
Location : Pesmes, Haute-Saône,Franche-Comté,France.
Date :
08-28 July 2001 (21 days)
Type : landscape development
Age : + 18 years old

Description : At two kilometres from the little village of Pesmes (one of the most beautiful villages in France) old smithies (17th century) are situated on an artificial island of several hectares. The island has been lie fallow for several decades. Since five years the municipality of Pesmes entrusts the rehabilitation of this island to ECHEL. In 2001 we will continue the work done by the workcamp of volunteers in previous years : renovation and creation of new areas around the gardener's House and the old forges.

Work to be done : cleaning the gardener's house, cutting brushwood and minor masonry work...

Project of activities : Exploration of the architectural heritage and landscape of the region.

Accommodation : tent

Title : Little bridge of Montot
Location : Montot, Haute-Saône, Franche-Comté, France
Date :
02 - 22 August 2001 (21 days)
Type : architectural heritage
Age : + 18 years old

Description : The municipality of Montot has a wonderfull architectural heritage : an old castle, citywalls from the 15th century, a church, a fountain, a bridge over the Salon river... This heritage is incorporated into a tour to explore the villages of the Salon valley. The little stone bridge situated down below the church and dried out by the commune, was renovated in 2000 by the volunteers of the ECHEL association : re-pointing the whole of the arch and its two sides.

Work to be done : This year, the volunteers will continue the work undertaken by the strengthening of the straight wall and re-pointing, erectng and taking down scaffolding.

Proposal for activities : Exploration of the architectural heritage and landscape of the Salon and Champlitte valley. Organization of an activity together with the local people (who will welcome you very warmly).

 Accommodation : house


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