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  Proposition for a voluntary service 2002-2003


Our proposition for a voluntary service for the project of the ECHEL association :

1) participation at the organisation / supervision of multimedia workshops to initiate children (7-18 years old) of the Communauté de communes Amancey-Loue-Lison into multimediatools and the Internet in order to discover the architectural heritage and the landscape :

>>> realisation of internetsites, mail with other regions and other countries, realisation of events / exhibitions to present the childrens’ work in the villages...


2) participation at the activities at the workingsites (“les chantiers”) of the ECHEL association (works to protect and to the biodiversity, the architectural heritage and the landscapes in Besançon and Franche-Comté).

The conditions will be as followed :

* Place : Nans sous Sainte-Anne, a small village (100 inhabitants) in the Lison valley in the Doubs department at 40 kms of Besançon
* Period : from the 1st of september 2002 till the 30th of june 2003
* Cost of membership of the ECHEL association : 15 Euros
* Living conditions : the volunteer will be fed and housed by ECHEL + activities 100 Euros / month
* Journey : 1 return ticket Besançon will be paid back by ECHEL
* Language knowledge : we ask a good knowledge of the French language (oral and written).


 If you’are interested in this proposition send your written motivational application and your
“Curriculum vitae”
(studies, experiences and centres of interest...) to :

Association ECHEL
La Louvière
25330 Nans-sous-Sainte-Anne
Mel :

Tél : 03 81 86 48 56
Fax : 03 81 86 50 59

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